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Thus when the time duration of libra zodiac begins, the conditions which are at 20 degrees in libra meaning roughly 20 days after the beginning of libra are most suitable for Saturn to exult it. Different zodiacs have been assigned different doshas. So if we go as per their roll nos with Aries as first zodiac then zodiac no 1, 5, 9 are considered as fire pitta signs; 2, 6, 10 as earth kapha signs; 3,7 11 as air vata signs and 4,8, 12 as water signs.

So, here is the logic. Lets take another example.

New Series: Exalted and Debilitated Planets in Astrology

Out of the two zodiacs owned by mercury, no 6 is earthy and 3 is airy. In the next blog we shall discuss about the real science behind astrological remedies and how due to absence of understanding of this science, the practices got misunderstood with passage of time. View all posts by Alok Jain.

Rahu exalted in gemini

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Later, when browsing Chapter 39 of the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, which enumerates different types of raja-yogas, I chanced across what appears to be the classical basis for this principle. According to the translator, shlokas 19 and 20 of this chapter state:. If the 6th, the 8th, and the 3rd houses are occupied by debilitated planets, and the ascendant lord is exalted or in its own house or aspects the ascendant, there is raja yoga.

Again, raja yoga is formed if the 6th, 8th, and the 12th lords are in fall or in inimical signs or in combustion and the ascendant lord is placed in its own sign or in its exaltation sign, or aspects the ascendant. Rao, is similar but not identical to the quoted shlokas from Parashara. The shlokas include the additional stipulation that the ascendant lord be either exalted or in its own sign, or aspecting the ascendant. In other words, the lagna needs to be strong.

They also bring other houses into play, and in shloka 20, conditions other than debilitation are referenced. However, both suggest that a debilitated planet in the 6th house can give rise to raja- yoga. At the health club where I make infrequent, half-hearted attempts to stave off the physical effects of advancing age, there is always a pile of ragged, well-thumbed magazines next to the high-tech exercise bikes. In any event, as I was pawing through some of these recently, looking for something with which to fortify myself for the upcoming half hour of tedium, my attention was arrested by a cover photo and headline clearly intended to do so.

The accompanying photo was of the actress, Demi Moore—au naturel. There was also something in this look that implied that she was not a woman to be kept waiting, so I discarded all other options and proceeded to the exercise bikes. Before you jump to the conclusion that my selection stemmed from any particular fondness for this type of journalistic confection—or worse yet—from some prurient interest, let me reassure you that I choose this article solely in the interests of astrological research. For some time now I have been in possession of the birth data of Ms.

Moore and have wanted to make a study of her chart in relation to her life experiences. But I hardly knew anything about her, other than that she is an actress and married to another actor, Bruce Willis.

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This was in As an astrologer, I thought it would be interesting to discover the planetary. I had thought of contacting her publicist, but never got around to it. Here— by way of People magazine—was some of the biographical data I was looking for. Blessings come to us in the strangest ways. One piece of information I wanted to know was when her acting career began, so I could see what planetary combination gave rise to her stardom and tremendous commercial success as an actress.

The article states that:. Moore enrolled in some drama classes, and in , though she had little experience, beat out 1, other actresses for a role in General Hospital. These developments in her life coincided exactly with the beginning of the 7 years of her Mars dasha. Moon 2 4 5 3 Aquarius Cancer.

Vedic Astrology - Lesson 5

Ketu 7 12 Sagittarius Scorpio Libra Virgo. Sun 11 10 8 Venus 9. It falls along the Rahu-Ketu axis, and is aspected by another malefic, Saturn, from the 12th house. This configuration is unrelieved by any benefic aspect. Yet it is in precisely this Mars period, and the subsequent period of Rahu, that she rose to the status of highest paid actress in history.

Clearly, there is more going on here than meets the superficial eye. Referring back to our list of six important ways that the debilitation of a planet is canceled, we see that two of them apply here.

The happiest moment in your life: Exaltation of Planets

First and foremost, is the exchange parivarthana yoga between the Mars and the Moon. This produces neecha bhanga, or cancellation of the debility. Mars, a debilitated planet, falls into the 6th house. It may even apply in two ways according to Mr. Rao since it rules the 3rd house as well. The additional stipulation from the shlokas is also fulfilled. The lagna lord Saturn is in its own sign. If we take into account the neecha bhangas, and apply the exception, her Mars dasha begins to hint at very different possibilities. Yet there is a third important reason why the appearance of this Mars is deceiving.

Ketu Venus 11 12 10 1 Aquarius Cancer. Mars 3 8 Sagittarius Scorpio Libra Virgo.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Planets

Jupiter Moon Rahu 5. Here Mars becomes exalted. The apparent reality of the birth chart shows a weakling Mars, but the underlying reality reveals that this Mars is actually a powerhouse. Finally, we must also see that Mars, for an Aquarius ascendant, rules the 10th house of career, and the 3rd house of the performing arts. This is a perfect astrological picture of why she immediately gravitates towards a career as an actress when the Mars dasha begins. But her success and subsequent rise to fame is reflected in the condition of this Mars, owing to the two neecha bhangas, its exaltation in the navamsha, as well as the two raja yogas in which it participates.

Raja yoga because:. It is the 10th lord kendra in mutual aspect with the lagna lord trikona creating a powerful success and fame-giving combination based on house rulerships. For a complete view, the classics tell us that we must see the chart from the additional perspectives of Chandra and Surya Lagna. From the Moon sign, Aries, Mars again forms a raja yoga combination with Saturn involving the lagna lord and the 10th lord, only this time their roles are reversed. Mars becomes the lagna lord, and Saturn becomes the 10th lord in its own sign.

Then see that the conjunction of Rahu and Mars by itself forms raja yoga from the Moon because Mars becomes a trinal lord with Rahu in a kendra. From the Sun sign, Libra, the picture remains consistent. From all three perspectives, Mars is connected to the 10th house of career and is involved in significant raja yogas.

Of equal importance is the fact that Mars and Saturn remain strong and connected to each other in the navamsha. In fact, their relationship in the navamsha mirrors the condition of Mars in the birth chart in an intriguing way. In the birth chart we saw how Saturn assists in canceling the debility of Mars. See that in the navamsha, this exalted Mars returns the favor by canceling the debility of Saturn through an exchange of signs parivarthana yoga. They are also in mutual aspect with each other.

Continued success in the subsequent dasha of Rahu is also a given since these two are conjoined, and form a raja yoga from the Chandra lagna.

Since I came to the Vedic system after 20 years of Western astrology, some of the different meanings attributed to the houses were surprising. The association of dramatic arts with the 3rd house made no logical sense to me, and I questioned it at first. At contains an incredibly bright Moon, which is applying to within thirty-two minutes of complete fullness. This Moon is rendered artistic by falling in the Venus-ruled nakshatra, Bharani, and through the aspect of Venus in its own sign. Additionally, it receives two more aspects from the planets in the 9th house.