March 29 aquarius horoscope

Love The astral movements around your sign of the air element, inspire you, Aquarian. Avoid lawsuits with your partner and do not get to discuss for inconsequential reasons because due to a retrograde aspect of Mercury, the planet of communications, this Friday, any argument, however small, can cause problems. Health You must be very careful because there is a tendency in your horoscope to accidents by carelessness.

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If you leave your house in a hurry, check the stoves, burners, faucets and electricity first. You must use your social tact and handle situations diplomatically. Money and Luck Do not be discouraged because the economic inconveniences if one laments and curses become complicated. Nothing we win with complaining and if you still do not have enough money to face your expenses very soon you will receive surprises.

Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: the experience that you extract from an error of the past. Dangerous trend of today in your sign Aquarius: repeat something that does not suit you and of which you keep a not very pleasant experience. What should I avoid? Risk my peace of mind and inner peace by repeating mistakes made in the past. Aquarius Love Astrology Today 29th March The best relationship today: this Friday things will go very well for you if your partner is of an air sign like yours and also of fire, particularly Sagittarius.

Make time to be alone with your thoughts while the Moon moves through this intellectual sign.

Aquarius Horoscope For Tuesday, December 3,

Text your group chat to meet up IRL and soak up the sunshine together for a day of bliss. Take small steps on Thursday when the Moon waxes full in Aquarius, opposing romantic ruler Venus at a. Be hyper-aware of your reactions to loved ones until Thursday at p. The Moon wanes in compassionate Pisces after p. EST on Thursday, helping us to process our emotional flare-ups.

Listen to your emotional instincts until Saturday at p. EST, while the Moon moves through this sign. Exercise extra patience and focus on Friday, when speedy Mercury squares a retrograde Uranus on Friday. The opposition of these planets tends to make us a little scatter-brained and flaky.

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Work extra hard to get your priorities straight before the weekend hits. Today, Jupiter moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Depending on your family traditions, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, you may bow your heads and say grace before your meal.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

But while many familiar cultural. Think back to this past June. Do not allow anyone to hold you back. Tonight: Getting what you want. You cannot be stopped as you try to complete the workweek with a clear agenda and a neat desk. You have a lot to accomplish, but you will make the most of the next few days.

You have a lot of ground to cover. Tonight: Use your imagination. You have a unique need or desire to be a perfectionist. Try not to be too hard on yourself or another person. You drive yourself when you want to. Take a half-day if you can, and start your weekend early. Tonight: TGIF. You could be drawn and overly tired.

Try not to continue on the present path if you experience more fatigue and change than you feel is normal. You express ingenuity and the ability to read between the lines. Tonight: Stepping out. You could be unusually rigid and determined to have your way.

Today's Aquarius Horoscope - Tuesday, December 3, 12222

Others sense your determination and decide not to buck your present mood. Make a call or reach out for someone if you feel alone. Recognize that your attitude pushes others away. Tonight: As you like it. Your fiery personality allows greater give and take. Nevertheless, you need to deal with a financial matter with clarity and caring. You choose to take action and no longer sit back.

Tonight: Go for a brief walk if you're too tense over a hassle. Others admire your endurance, renewed perspective and willingness to take a stand.