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In Western Astrology, Pisces is the 12th and final star sign of the zodiac. The Sun ventures through this zodiac between February 18 and March 20, and today, the burning star is in conjunction with the Moon. Ms Goldsmith told Express. Perhaps even more interestingly, Pisces holds power over your feet, which should make you think about how you treat your body.

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Ms Goldsmith said this presents an opportunity to indulge in a foot-related treatment or aromatic baths to soothe the senses. At the same time the New Moon disappears from the skies, the planet Mercury is moving retrograde, or in reverse in relation to the other celestial bodies. Opportunities for love and money may also come from school, college, or traveling for business or pleasure. The Moon is on my Chiron. I never realized that I was having a Chiron opposition — thank you, Esa, for mentioning his position.

New Moon March 2018 - True Sidereal Astrology

Let me know what happens to you around the full moon. I have birthday on So do i have conjunction with my sun? Sun rules my 1 house. This full moon is exact in opppsition with my pluto 0. Pluto rules 5th house. What to expect Jamie? This full moon sounds amazing!! It is always a real pleasure to read your posts. I am just wondering if it will be so good for me…My natal Saturn is at Which would be the maximum orb? Menu Skip to content.

Search for:. Full Moon March Astrology. March 12, March 24, Jamie Partridge. Curious Reply. The full moon is in conjunct with pluto. Sun is conjunct with my natal sun. Full moon will conjunct Pluto in my 7th house Reply. Hi Jamie, This full moon sounds amazing!!

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Out of curiosity, could this full moon be related to the new moon in Libra ? Thank you!!

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This is a celebration from the heavens and a collective culmination, as we are given the opportunity to reflect on our growth and progress. In the end, the full moon phase is a symbol of completion, fertility, and spiritual abundance. Remember, the moon is a symbol of our inner world, and when she beams at her fullest potential, our emotions become heightened. Write your thoughts in a paper and burn it as part of a releasing ceremony.

Charge your crystals, and take full advantage of the electric sky. Approach your shadow self with no judgment, as there is no need to be afraid. Mother moon is our loyal companion, so let your intuition be your guide. In the meantime, think back to the new moon in Libra that took place on October 8, Given that March 20 marks the first day of Aries season, this magical full moon will be taking place in the sign of the scales.

How are you integrating yourself into the lives of others, and vice versa? Where have you gained balance, and learned how to compromise? If none of the above pertains to you, please do not feel discouraged, as lunations are unique to everyone. Libra is a representation of balance, codependency, equality, harmony, and justice. Its cardinal air is kind, light-hearted, and diplomatic. This charming air sign marks the halfway point in the zodiac wheel, and its season occurs during the Fall Equinox when it becomes time to understand both sides of the story.

New Moon horoscope How will the March New Moon affect YOU? |

Interestingly enough, that is the very same essence of this lunation, except this time, we are being reborn in the spring. On that note, see your full moon in Libra horoscope and reflection below:.

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Cheers to another trip around the sun, Aries! This full moon is extra special as it will illuminate the night sky on the first day of your birthday season. Looks like things are getting pretty serious these days, huh? With la luna illuminating your seventh house of relationships, and committed partnerships, you will likely gain closure in regard to an arrangement, contract, or perhaps your current relationship status.

What have they taught you about yourself? What needs fixing, Taurus? With la luna shaking up your responsible sixth house of health, physicality, and day-to-day details, your current routine and physical well being will be highlighted during this time.

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Mother moon is putting a spotlight on your health habits, work patterns, and all that needs to be reorganized. Who knows, you might decide to revamp your entire workstation. What part of your routine has changed, or perhaps improved? With the full moon traveling through your sister sign, and your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and authentic truth, you will be as charismatic as ever.