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I a scorpio married to a Taurus 11 years now.

Also I don't click with Capricorns at all no disrespect but they're annoying lazy and talk entirely too much. Astrology is true to an extent. The traits are on point but the love matches, not so much. My opinion.

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

AmbitiousScorpio27 - 2-Oct PM. I have been attracted to a sun sign Scorpio male with pisces moon for almost 3 years and we danced together for the first time recently and it felt so I truly think it is completely wrong for astrologist to make statements about which signs are or are not compatiable without considering the full picture, namely the part that the panets play and a persons time of birth.

A strong magnetic attraction to someone comes from somewhere e. So it should not be assumed thatsome signs are compatible with some whilst others are not. Love speaks from the heart and what the heart loves is not normally guided by how compatible that person an you might be. Attraction is outside of a personscontrol - it is what it is. Librrated2 - Dec AM. I am a Pisces male 35 in a platonic relation so far with a Scorpio girl 13 years younger.

Sun enters Scorpio

And we instantly got along met on a common chat group 6 years back. I never thought she was so young, then about years back got to know her age and I backed off. But she persisted her calls and now we speak about hours a day. We r like soul mates and just can't stay away from each other. I mean we might have tried 10 times to part ways because of age but always came back stronger. Most amazing part is we have never met in person the closest we have been is sitting opposite to each other in a cafe, which we do when we really feel the urge to meet.

I don't want to meet her as I believe she's too young and will find someone good enough for her but we just getting deeper into the relation. Not sure how to take it forward. Pisces male - Sep PM. Oh goshif a scorpio man loves you This is coming from a capricorn woman. Im very cautious and reserved I barely open to anyone But one day as i was sitting in my classroom And turned to my right I dont know why but there is a scorpio man in my class who just Boooooooooooooooooom Looked stright in my soul Not my face not my body But inside me like literally I was lyk gosh what is this??????????

Its been almost 4 years and he still is chasing me passionately But being a capricorn im toooooo shy. But if they really love you trust me Even god can't help you get them rid of you. Its crazy trust me.. Sammy - Jul AM. I am a Scorpio and I am with a man with a cancer sign. I can really say we have the same characteristics, Just like we both cold, but at the same time we are very emotional and loving. Every time we have misunderstanding were just so quite and after we talk about it. Its good but sometimes Im so jealous woman I don't know why I'm just hiding my true emotion but I'm a jealous and its very difficult for me to forget our misunderstanding and what he did to me.

But I love him. I really really love him Olga - Jul PM. I'm a scorpio and I am with a libra and although we are not meant to be compatible I think that's rubbish. Because I adore her and all her traits I love how kind and compassionate she is. Although as a scorpio we're meant to be argumentive and libras are not I will always listen to her rather then arguing and solve problems together.

We may be an exception to the astrology but bottom line I think although I agree to some of the traits we all share it depends on your up bringing and your understanding of things that solve the issues to make a good couple. D - Jul AM. Not to sure why though. However I do recommend dating Virgos and Taurus' is you are a Scorpio of any gender. KitKat - May AM. I'm a Taurean woman, married to a Scorpion male for four years, happily. I love being the exception to the astrology rule!

MazzamZuki - Apr AM. To the lady who is a cancer that Scorpio is not going to give up I broke up with my friend and man this guy made my life hell, he just keep on and keep on until I finally gave in and started back talking to him 2 years later after we broke up, I am a picese and I really have that attitude I don't give a damn and the more I act like I don't care the more he became more attractive to me they don't like feeling like they are being in a committed relationship and I told him if you don't want me more on because I can always find someone who do Chandris7 - Apr AM.

Scorpio here. What can be said of the compatibility of a Libra? Just curious Starshine - Mar PM. I am a Scorpio female. My first cancer broke my heart, so I stayed away from cancer for years. Fire signs are attracted to me,and I never had much luck with them.

The Capricorn Man

Now, many years later,I am with a cancer now and loving it. To the woman above 62 and her sweetheart who is 29, you go girl! Life is to be lived! Sek - Feb PM. Although I attract every sign. My combo being a Scorpian Fire Dragon woman tend to attract mostly Capricorns, especially the early Capricorns, and Leos love love me but I've only been in a relationship with one Leo. Not a good idea but dynamically sexually compatible.

Im a scorpio , im just a teenage girl. None the less its true when it comes to the people who we aren't compatible with. I really liked a saggitarius and lets say his personality was amazing to me but they are very careless. Im amazed that they arent on our incompatible list. All this is still generic, apart from demographic factors there are three basic kind of scorpios.

Most evolved being the eagles and common ones the nocturnal scorpios while the third variety grey lizards.


Its very easy yet equally difficult to sense the different kinds. So that will depend as well. Oracle - Mar PM. Haha Gabby, we don't by any chance know the same bloke, do we? Your description is uncanny! Kat - Jan AM. I would never date a Scorpion male and I'm a Cancer female. Yes they are very dishy and there is a physical and sexual and intellectual connection but they are bastards too. They expect to keep playing the hot and cold game and thinking the cancer girl will be at their beck and call.

Unfortunately for the Scorpion man I am one hell of a nasty Cancerian if I feel someone is trying to shaft me. I read the Scorpion male very easily.

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They are snide, male chauvinistic and rude. Never say sorry, deliberately love upsetting Cancerian women, and simply not worth the effort or the time. Even after he is being ignored, and I am refusing to speak to him and treating him like he doesn't exist still he doesn't give up.