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Well, I did tell you that this week would smack of all things Scorpio Connection Facebook seems to have pulled the same trigger as Instagram, in Oz at least, where likes on a post, personal or business, are no longer visible publicly. The switch occurred earlier this afternoon in Sydney - when the Moon in Scorpio was exactly sextile to Mars in Virgo. Seriously, could it be more on point? Oh, the Secrecy. Hi Sparklers, hour delay on the Weekly Preview, see you here in this space "tomorrow" when we'll cover this week's 4 major aspects.

That's right, 4. Two of which are Sign changes, one of which is a Station and one of which is a Square involving said Stationed Planet.

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Just in case you were breathing a sigh of relief So it ends up that I didn't get a post up to preview this New Moon, even though both the kookaburras and I were awake a few hours ago as the Moon and Sun exacted their conjunction at just over 5deg Libra. But New Moon energy is still very fresh and very potent in the first 24 hours, and, as usual, I have some thoughts I want to share. So here we go. Any which way you look at it, the world is either undergoing great change, or is on the brink of Probably both, simultaneously. And in many ways - possibly hopeful ways - it feels like The Balance is shifting.

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Possibly not. And the dots with this one are pretty spectacular. And this Venus Rulership is what makes this New Moon energy so potent, particularly on two fronts. Firstly, Venus also rules Taurus, where retrograding Uranus is currently in residence. And Uranus is exactly inconjunct this New Moon. Do I usually look at minor aspects? I guess it depends on what they are, and which planet is making them.

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When it's Uranus, Planet of Change, Surprise and Revolution, and when the aspect is exact within 30min applying, yes, I'll look at it. I'll more than look at it. Change, Surprise and Revolution. Not words we'd usually associate with Libra, but when that potent Uranian energy is streaming in, albeit in a somewhat 'indirect' manner - streaming in a way that may make you feel uncomfortable, misaligned, even unbalanced - those words more than fit. And then there's Ruler Venus in tight sextile with Jupiter in Sagittarius, a sextile that is exacting right now.

Two planets - our two Benefics - both strong in their home signs, in harmonious aspect with each other, with one of them ruling a New Moon. This powerful New Moon is an opportunity for us all, both as individuals as well as a collective, to find, re-find or re-align our Balance.

To re-align our Values. And with this New Moon exactly square my own natal Venus, within 10 minutes, boy is it shifting for me. The seeds are being planted today for what is coming tomorrow. And re-aligning The Scales could not come at a more important, or critical time. Enjoy this surprisingly dynamic Libra New Moon energy, Sparklers. It's all happening in the Cardinal realms at the moment, isn't it?

Big triggers in the Capricorn, Libra and Cancer spaces - Aries might well feel like it's missing out!! Today, the final conjunction between Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn occurs, which of course means the final opposition to the North Node in Cancer. And haven't I been feeling it in a big way through the last few days.

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Thing is, as we focus in on the conjunction, we shouldn't forget the opposition - and that's felt abundant through the last few days too. I mentioned 'a flood of nostalgia' to my sister yesterday, a 'flood of nostalgia' that's been coursing through me for a few days now. You might well think that nostalgia would be more Neptune's domain than Saturn's - and you'd probably be right - but in this instance, the strings that are being pulled on the Nodal Axis are pretty potent. The South Node is our comfort zone - but it also represents the karma we bring in, the way it's always been, the here and now, the easy way.

The North Node is our forward path. In many ways a destiny point, the North Node is forward directions and future paths. And often a challenge - because it is the opposite of comfort zone.

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And while I've enjoyed the 'flood of nostalgia' that's been coming through, it has, in equal parts, been accompanied by a sense of excitement and anticipation. Excitement about what lies ahead, anticipation about something new, definitely a combination of appreciating what has come before - but itching to get on with what is 'next'. Since May, the North Node - or the forward path, the new direction - has been, or may have felt, blocked.

And in quite fantastic synchronicity, literally hours after this 'blockage' is removed, our Libra New Moon - remembering that New Moons offer new beginnings - takes place. At face value, my day is going to comprise of dusting and some final purges. I'm also going to unblock a sink. Yes, all rather mundane and even ugh at face value - but there is a deeper value in play.

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His head, however, like the pointy little lip of the Hebrew letter Yod, really pokes up into Kether. But, as long as the King identifies himself as King, he is unaware of his raon? Then, after a cosmic cigarette, the King rolls over and goes to sleep. As the King snores away in Chokmah, the Queen becomes aware chat, in riiis brief moment of ecstasy, she has become Ht Holy Guardian Arigel n pregnant with cwns. She eventually delivers.

The two babies a IVince and a Piincws plop out below the Abyss. The Prince doesn't fall too far from the supernal triad palace, but the Princess sEdcs all the way to the bottom, Malkuth. In Qabalistic literature, Malkuth is often referred to as I the microcosm, the lesser world. She, of course, is the daughter of the King and Qyeeii, but, mysteriously, she belongs to an even younger generation than that of her brother, the Prince. As a matter of fact, even though she is closely related to the King, Queen, and Prince, her magical genes are so polluted and far enough removed from those of the rest of the family that, should she marry her brother, the Prince, it would not even be considered incest in a court of cosmic family law, You VC probably guessed that you and I are the feirytaie Princess.

We are almost completely asleep to the larger spiritual reality and are restlessly thrashing aroimd in the bed of the material plane, trying to understand everything wch our laugh- ably inadequate senses, and explain it with our laughably inadequate language. One kisa from the Princeas is all it will take. He will then wake up and realise he is King, which will cause the Princess to wake up more and realiie she is his bride, the Queen.

These two newlyweds wll then unite in a cosmic orgasm diat explodes and melts away all sense of separateness. In the truest sense, the King Chokmah and Qycen Binah are again annihilated in the one eternal moment they realize that they are not cwo, but one Kether. From an alchemical point of view, the King arid QueenV ecstaSc dissolution was caused by the universal solvent, vitriol see page And does everyone live happily ever after? This dynamic and somewhat incestuous love story is the secret of YHVH. It is the electridey of creation — a divin e alternating current coursing eternally m two directions at the same tune — from ace to Princess, from Princess to ace.

Many of you may even think that I was being overly childish in my narrative. If we could wake up and see the picture, wc woxild realize that we are at once the ace, King. Queen, Prince, and Princess of this cosinic fairytale.

Bat we are not awake. It is a dream you. You arc the King of the universe 'vho has fallen asleep and is dreaming he is the Queen who has fallen asleep and is dreaming she is the Prince who has fallen asleep and is dreaming he is a sleeping Prirxeess. Recall Crowleys quote at the beginning of this chapter. The Single Supreme Ritual is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel It is the raising of the complete roan in a vcfrical straight line.

Any deviatioa from tlus line tends to become black magic. Any other operation is black magic. Until this is accomplished, until each of us has united our microcosm with the macrocosm of the Holy Guardian Angel, we not playing with a hill deck.

It is a word that symbolizes the union of the numbers five and six — five representing the micro- cosm the little world centered in Malkuth, you and me, the Princess ; six repre- senting the macrocosm, the big world centered in Tiphateth, the Holy Guardian Angel. The couft cards of the original Golden Dawn deck were tilled exactly the same.

Each suit had a Xm! With only one exception, the court cards of theThoth Tarot are titled and positioned the same way. If we were to project this dynamic upon our fairytale, the Knight would be the character who wins and makes love to the Queen, and a King is the guy who afterward rums around and falls asleep. Crowley considered the more active, virile concept of the Knight to be the most appropriate title and character for the court card that rep- resents the Yod in YIIVH.